With multiple Oklahoma Motorcycle mechanic schools to choose from students can decide between different types of training paths in the motorcycle niche. For students who wish to become a motorcycle technician, they will be able to choose from the various specialties available.

Oklahoma Featured Mechanic Programs

List of Oklahoma Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

Tulsa Tech – Motorcycle & Watercraft Program
Degree: Motorcycle & Watercraft Technician Certification
Phone: (918) 828-5200
Locations: Broken Arrow Campus
4000 W. Florence
Broken Arrow, OK 74011

Motorcycle Mechanic Specialties

Every motorcycle mechanic will need to choose a specialty while they are pursuing an education in mechanics. While motorcycle mechanics is a specialty of mechanics in general, it is still necessary to determine what kinds of motorcycles a person will specialize in as well as what areas they will focus their education on.

Every school offers different specialties. The motorcycle mechanic schools in Oklahoma may offer such specialties as:Motorcycle-Mechanic-Schools-in-Oklahoma

  • Asian concentration
  • European concentration
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Off-Road power
  • Applied service management

The Asian and European concentrations are similar because they focus on different brands. Asian brands include Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki. European brands include Ducati and Triumph. Students will learn about diagnostics and repairs for these different brands.

Harley-Davidson is similar because they will learn about the different diagnostics and repairs, only it will be about the Harley-Davidson brand. Students will learn about the different models as well as how to determine what is wrong with the bike when it comes into a shop.

Off-road power is very diversified because it focuses not only on motorcycles and dirt bikes but also ATVs, watercraft, and snowmobiles.

Applied service management is something that many will specialize in because it allows them to manage a shop or even own one. Students will learn about shop management, business principles, accounting, communications, and computer applications.

Every student will need to choose a specialty prior to enrolling in school to ensure that that school offers the specialty they wish to pursue.

Certifications Motorcycle Mechanics Can Get

Certifications for motorcycle mechanics are a must. While the state does not require mechanics to obtain state certification, employers do. At the very minimum, employers want to see a motorcycle technician with an ASE certification in two stroke or four stroke engines. Some may also accept certification from the AYSE or the NATEF.

Additionally, there are also certifications from the different manufacturers. Each manufacturer offers their own program that has been endorsed by that particular company. For example, Suzuki offers the FAST or factory authorized Suzuki training that emphasizes what a technician will encounter in a dealership environment.

Other certifications include:

  • YAMAPRO from Yamaha
  • HonTech from Honda
  • Motorrad from BMW
  • K-Tech Specialist from Kawasaki
  • Harley-Davidson

Each of these different certifications will focus on different areas within the particular brand. This includes teaching students about the different models, how to diagnose problems, as well as common problems they will encounter while working on the different models. Most of the core skills will be obtained in 300 course hours. This will provide students with an entry-level certificate and then allow them to pursue a higher level certificate by completing more course hours.

In addition to receiving the certificate, students may also be required to work 90 days or more at a particular dealership in order to receive the certificate in full.

All of the different certifications can provide students with an edge within the workforce.

Scholarships Available to Mechanics in Oklahoma

Many different scholarships and grants exist for students in Oklahoma. By applying to these, it can be easier to afford tuition at any motorcycle repair school. Some of the best scholarships to apply for include the AutoZone scholarship as well as the different ones from the UTI Foundation. Many students can also find it advantageous to apply for the Ride to Work scholarship available each year.

Growth of Mechanic Jobs Overview & Top Employers

The growth of mechanic jobs is increasing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a 21 percent growth is estimated over the next 10 years across the nation. With more individuals buying motorcycles because of its fuel efficiency, there will be more motorcycles for motorcycle technicians to work on. Additionally, more jobs will mean more opportunities and more stability within the career field.

Motorcycle Mechanic Salary in OK

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated the motorcycle mechanic salary in Oklahoma to be $32,240. The salary, while lower than the median for motorcycle mechanics in the nation, has the propensity to be increased based upon a person’s experience, education and desire to learn more about motorcycle mechanics, including service management and different brands.

Top Employers in OK for Motorcycle Mechanics

Top employers throughout the state include Harley-Davidson and Napa. Those who have just completed a certification program from a motorcycle mechanics Institute may also want to consider opportunities at various dealerships and even local repair shops. Some may also choose to go into business for themselves.

There is no shortage of jobs within the Oklahoma job market for motorcycle mechanics. While more opportunities exist throughout the metropolitan areas, those with experience are likely to find opportunities anywhere in the state.