Missouri is a stunning state with career opportunities in every major city for qualified mechanics. The first step for anyone is applying to one of the many mechanic schools in Missouri. They can then begin enjoying all of the benefits to living and working in this great state.

List of Mechanic Programs in Missouri

Missouri Featured Mechanic Programs

Individuals Who Enjoy Mechanic Careers

There are many individuals who will enjoy working in a mechanic career. Those who have introverted tendencies and who prefer to work by themselves will often find mechanics to be very enjoyable. Additionally, those who are analytical and enjoy figuring out how things work will excel in the different fields of mechanics.

There is always the saying of “do what you love” – and this means choosing the specialty of mechanics that one truly enjoys being involved in. For example, auto mechanic schools in Missouri should be attended by those who enjoy working on passenger cars and trucks. Those who enjoy being around the water and working on various types of watercraft should attend marine mechanic schools in Missouri.

Some of the other types of mechanics include:

  • Diesel engines
  • Small engines
  • Motorcycles
  • Airplanes

Taking the time to understand what the different specialties are will ensure a person is choosing the right career path for them. Pros and cons exist within each specialty and so if a person wants to be happy, they need to understand how one specialty is different from another.

State Requirements for Mechanics

There are no specific state requirements for mechanics of any type. Employers and various other organizations will have requirements that must be met prior to offering employment, however.

For example, those who wish to be an airplane mechanic will need to be certified by the FAA. Those who have graduated from diesel mechanic schools and motorcycle mechanic schools in Missouri will need to be ASE certified along with auto mechanics.

Various certifications exist directly from individual manufacturers as well. These can speak volumes as to a mechanic’s capabilities in terms of what they can fix and what they are familiar with. Some of the top manufacturer certifications include:

  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Seadoo
  • GE
  • Kenmore

Every mechanic should be certified in one way or another in order to improve their chances of being hired upon attending mechanic schools in Missouri. Contacting employers to find out what is required can also be of significant assistance.

Scholarships & Financial Assistance for Mechanics

Many scholarships, grants, and other financial assistance exist for those who wish to become mechanics. The government offers federal grants after completing the FAFSA for those who can demonstrate financial need. The military will also offer assistance via the Montgomery G.I. Bill for those who are currently serving as well as financial assistance for those who wish to enlist upon completing courses at a mechanic school.

There are various other organizations and employers that offer scholarships as well. Some of the top companies that will issue scholarships to qualified individuals include Ford, Bridgestone, and Midas.

Individuals may also qualify for scholarships based upon academic standing, career goals, and at the backgrounds. For example, some of the different scholarship organizations include the NAACP, the Hispanic College Fund, and more. By searching on the Internet, one can find many different opportunities to apply for financial assistance.

Career Overview for Mechanics in MO

The career outlook for mechanics is strong, which means that there is little worry of being laid off. The growth, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is about 10 percent. This can vary slightly based upon the specialty of mechanics one is in, but overall, there is always a need for qualified mechanics in the state.

Mechanic Salaries in Missouri

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also estimates earnings for mechanics. Those who have attended small engine repair schools in Missouri will earn around $32,310 while motorcycle and marine mechanics are likely to earn a little more. Auto and diesel mechanics are going to earn around $38,290 while those who have attended airplane mechanic schools in Missouri will earn around $54,940.

Top employers in the state include:

  • Penske
  • FleetPride
  • Dr Pepper Snapple Group
  • City of St. Louis

Other employers that qualified mechanics should consider include fleet management companies, local garages as well as dealerships.

Mechanic schools in Missouri can be found throughout the state. Once a person finds the right school, they can begin taking courses that will allow them to pursue a rewarding career in mechanics.