A few different motorcycle mechanic schools in Indiana are out there – and those who wish to become a motorcycle technician will need to take the time to see what each has to offer.

Indiana Featured Mechanic Programs

Specialties in Motorcycle Mechanics

Every student will need to consider a specialty in motorcycle mechanics. To become a motorcycle technician, it is not enough to simply attend a motorcycle mechanics institute. Students will attend core classes about motorcycle technology, though they will then need to determine what their specialty will be. The specialty is something everyone should consider in great detail because it will affect their career.

Popular specialties in motorcycle mechanics include:

  • Asian
  • European
  • American
  • Management
  • Off-road

Asian, European, and American specialties all center around various motorcycles. Students will learn about the engines, ancillary components, information systems, fluid systems, and more. The significant difference between the three are what brands a student will study. In motorcycle school, an Asian specialty will center around classes regarding Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and other Asian Motorcycle-Mechanic-Schools-in-Indianabrands. The same can be said for European and American specialties.

In management, students will learn what is necessary to be able to run or own their own shop. The courses will focus on various topics within management, including basic business principles, finance and accounting management, computer applications, communications, and other topics.

In off-road, students will learn what is necessary to be able to diagnose and repair various off-road vehicles. This includes all-terrain vehicles as well as snowmobiles and watercraft. Students will study fuel and electrical systems and much more within the specialization.

Every student will need to consider what their specialty is going to be prior to entering a mechanic school. The reason for this is because there are not many motorcycle mechanic schools in Indiana to begin with, and not all of them offer the same specialties.

Certifications for Motorcycle Mechanics

Certifications are of the utmost importance to motorcycle mechanics. For example, the state requires all mechanics to obtain a license from the state. This can be obtained by passing a state exam. Beyond the state license, certifications are usually requested by employers. As a result, it will be necessary for the majority of motorcycle technicians to contact an employer prior to completing a motorcycle repair school to determine what kind of certifications will be necessary.

Other certifications come directly from manufacturers. The MMI offers a wide range of courses, making it easier for students to obtain certifications without going directly to the dealerships. These are authorized training programs and at the end of the course, students will receive the necessary certification.

The certification programs vary based upon the company. For example, Harley-Davidson features a 900 course our program. Kawasaki and Yamaha feature 300 credit hours for the entry-level technician certificate. It will then be possible to go back and obtain higher levels of certificates with more credit hours.

Regardless of whether a person wants to become a K Tech specialist, a YAMAPRO, or any other certified motorcycle technician, they will need to spend the time not only in classes but also at the dealership. Some require a minimum of 90 days at the dealership with hands-on experience while others, such as Honda, require a minimum of one year at the dealership.

Certifications can come from virtually anywhere. Not only are their state and manufacturer certifications, but also from other leading organizations such as:

  • ASE
  • AYES

It is in the best interest of every student to explore certifications prior to graduating from a motorcycle school.

Scholarships Available to Mechanics in Indiana

Many scholarships and grants can be applied for to help cover the costs of tuition at a motorcycle repair school. The UTI Foundation offers a number of opportunities for students to consider. There is also the Ride to Work scholarship, which can offer as much as a full ride to students.

Mechanic Jobs Overview & Top Employers

Understanding growth within the mechanic job field is important. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a growth of 21% to take place over the next decade. What this means for motorcycle mechanics is more job opportunities and more stability within the workforce.

Motorcycle Mechanic Salary in IN

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has also estimated that the average motorcycle mechanic salary in Indiana is $30,470. It may also be possible to earn more based upon such factors as experience, education and the actual employer that one goes to work for.

A variety of top employers exist throughout Indiana. Top employers can offer more, such as more opportunities and more money. Some to consider include Harley-Davidson and Kawasaki. Others include the local motorcycle dealerships as well as the repair shops around the state.

Once a person obtains the very necessary education from a motorcycle repair school in the state, it will be easier to explore the different jobs available.