Many motorcycle mechanic schools in Colorado are available for students to choose from. This allows each person to determine where they want to go in terms of location as well as specialty in order to become a mechanic.

Colorado Featured Mechanic Programs

Motorcycle Mechanic Specialties

A motorcycle school in Colorado will offer many different specialties. Not every school offers every specialty, however, so it becomes a must for mechanic students to determine their career path in motorcycle mechanics prior to enrolling at a school.

Motorcycle-Mechanic-Schools-in-ColoradoAll schools will offer the same core classes in motorcycle technology. Courses that cover service, electrical systems, fuel systems, suspension systems, braking systems, and more will be offered. This can be compared to obtaining an associate’s degree in liberal arts and then the concentration is similar to getting a bachelor’s degree in one particular field.

The specialties can include Asian motorcycles, European motorcycles, off-road vehicles, Harley-Davidson bikes and much more. Once an area is chosen, students will learn how to test the equipment, what the repair procedures are and learn how to make the necessary repairs. They will be able to receive hands-on training in order to prepare for employment as an entry level motorcycle technician.

Some students will also choose a managerial route where they will learn about accounting, shop management, business applications and more so they will know how to manage a repair shop and even go into business on their own should they take that career path now or later on.

Certifications Motorcycle Mechanics Can Get

Certifications are a necessity upon going to a motorcycle repair school in Colorado. There is a state certification required by all mechanics. Also, many employers will dictate a list of certifications that a person should have, specifically if they are working at a dealership.

Some of the top certifications obtained by motorcycle mechanics include those from:

  • AYSE
  • ASE

The ASE is considered one of the primary certifying organizations in the country for mechanics of all concentrations. They offer over 40 different certifications and many employers want to see ASE certification from a mechanic prior to extending a job offer.

Many people prefer to obtain certifications from specific manufacturers. The MMI (Motorcycle & Marine Mechanics Institute) offers certifications from each of the different manufacturers including:

  • Harley-Davidson
  • Yamaha
  • Kawasaki
  • BMW
  • Honda

The number of course hours it takes to complete a certification is greatly dependent upon the manufacturer. For example, to receive the HonTech certification, it will take 300 hours. To be a YAMAPRO, it will take 300 hours for the bronze certification. Those who wish to be certified by Harley-Davidson will need to enroll in a program for a total of 900 hours in order to receive their certification as a Harley-Davidson motorcycle technician.

Scholarships Available to Mechanics in Colorado

After one has decided to attend one of the motorcycle mechanic schools in Colorado, it is important to look at how they plan to pay for it. There are scholarships and grants available, including such ones as from AutoZone as well as the UTI Foundation Scholarship. Students also have the ability to apply for others, including the Ride to Work scholarship available each year.

Growth of Mechanic Jobs Overview & Top Employers

The growth throughout mechanic jobs in the country is faster than average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated growth to be about 21 percent over the next ten years. Specifically in the Grand Junction metropolitan area, there is considerable growth and many employers looking to fill positions. This leads to more opportunities for graduates as well as more stability for the length of one’s career as a motorcycle technician.

Motorcycle Mechanic Salary In CO

As for the motorcycle mechanic salary, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that motorcycle mechanics earn an average of $34,520 in Colorado. It may be possible to earn even more based upon experience, education and the certifications held. The more a person can be educated in as it pertains to mechanics and shop management, the easier it will be to achieve a higher salary.

Employers That Hire Motorcycle Mechanics in CO

Top employers throughout the state of Colorado include Harley-Davidson, Pikes Peak Motorsports and HyMark Motorsports. These employers are some of the larger employers throughout the state and can offer larger compensation packages than some smaller employers. Additional employers are local repair shops. Some graduates of a motorcycle mechanics institute may also want to consider going into business for themselves.

Students will be able to choose the motorcycle repair school in Colorado that suits their needs. Not all schools offer the same specialties and the ability to certify in all manufacturers. As a result, a person will need to determine what they want to specialize in prior to enrolling in a motorcycle mechanic school in the state.